by Uday Kumar on July 1, 2009


Since many of you have doubts regarding whether physical tests like high jump, running, pull ups, pushups, etc..would be conducted in the services selection board, let me clear it for you.

There are no physical tests involved in the SSB interviews. Such tests are conducted for selection of airmen, sailors and sepoy only. For officers such tests are not conducted. But medical fitness is a must. By medical tests I mean eye sight, ear test, height, pulse, blood and urine test, blood pressure, back bone etc.. It is a belief of ours that officers are made in the academy. We want young and vibrant boys who will be transformed in to men in the academy after the rigorous training. So do not worry about the physical tests. But in your own interest if you can keep yourself fit and achieve those standards that are written in the joining application then it is more than enough to have a cake walk in the SSB group tasks and then in academy also.

As a matter of fact I was also overweight a bit. I could not achieve the standards written in the joining advertisement of the army. But somehow I reduced my weight and got myself medically clear. I just managed to clear the group tasks in the ground tests by shear josh and spirit shown on the field. If I could not do a particular task then I used to help others do it. I used to shout the war cry that was meant to be shouted and thereby show the ground training officer that you are full of josh and spirit.

And later on I reduced so much weight in academy in my first term only that my parents were hardly able to recognize me in my first term break. And later on in my fourth term camps I set an academy record timing in the josh run. I ran 22 kms in 2hrs 07 min with a  self loading rifle of about 7kgs and back pack weighing about 12 kgs. This is what is expected from each one of you. What you are before joining academy in mind  is what you become in academy physically.

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