Is it OK to go for SSB Coaching?

by Uday Kumar on September 17, 2012

Hi readers, a number of you (and a few years back even myself) have tried to find answer to a question and have not got a suitable reply regarding whether it is correct to undergo SSB coaching or not. To all those I present to you some opinions (purely mine) which throws light on the morality and correctness in undergoing coaching for SSB interview.

Let me put it straight – not all of us are born and brought up with all the Officer Like Qualities. If SSB is looking for Officer Like Qualities in candidates who have Officer Like Qualities right from their birth then I think we will not have more than 10 to 15 guys (though I strongly feel it will be comfortably NIL) getting selected per year for the Armed Forces (all SSB centers put together).

Then the next question is, then how come so many candidates are getting selected? So what actually happens? The answer is simple. Through out our life, we get moulded in life at various points of time. We learn a lot of things from our friends, family, teachers, society etc. We face a number of events, experiences and these things mould our character in due course of time.

So there is no doubt that our character is under constant change and transformation. One incident changes people for ever and ever. If one war can change Emperor Ashoka’s attitude, so can our attitude also change. There are many bitter incidents which have a long lasting scar in our life ahich changes the person you are. There are so many incidents in our life which contribute towards the shaping of our character and attitude.

So why do we have to call a candidate going for coaching inorder to have a character or attitudinal transformation as wrong. He is willing to accept and change his character. He has willfully taken a decision to adjust and transform his character in order to be more officer like and therefore attain his goal. So where on mother earth the person is doing something wrong. I know some people will not accept the logic which I have mentioned above and will try to argue against this idea. Do you want to?

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