by Uday Kumar on March 4, 2011

What improvement you want to make in your unit. (you are serving as an soldier)
What type of people u like often meeting and why,What type of people u avoid meeting ?
You are The DC of your District,What steps will u take for the over all development of the area ?
why to join Indian army
Tell me about Indo China relation ?
Why does India make ties with Iran
Tell me about ur stay ?
Why is India making ties with iran
Tell me about indo china relation ?
Why do you want to become an officer ?UR presently serving as soldier.
What is the impact of your name on you? eg Akash
What is punching?
What is insertion sort?
What is merge sort?
What is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?
Tell me about ur teachers whom u like most and whome u dislike
Tell me ur relation with your father, mother and siblings
What steps India shouid take as China is pushing borders or rising Chinese intrusion in to Indian territory?
What u will do for indian army as a mechanical engineer?

Suppose in your family there is someone who is in contact with some terrorist group and you have been informed the he/she is responsible for mumbai terror attack then what you will do?
Why do you want to join defence, however there are many options for your carrier like Engineering, doctor etc.?
What is the difference between maoism ,naxalism ,and communism?
What is look east and look west policy of India?
what is maoism, naxalism and communism?

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