PPDT – Picture Perception and Discussion Test in SSB

by Uday Kumar on July 13, 2012

You can crack SSB Interview efficiently if you prepare properly in a way that equips you with abilities to tackle any kind of question thrown your way. In order to serve in the Indian navy and other armed forces you have to clear a two stage SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview.

The first stage consists of the initial screening test of the candidates and it has two parts in it – the intelligence test which tests your verbal and non-verbal skills and the picture perception test and discussion test.

Clearing the screening test is very vital in your selection as, candidates who do not get screened in will be sent out on the same day and will not be able to participate in the rest of the tests. A PPDT test consists of two parts including story writing and group discussion. Here are PPDT essentials to prepare for ssb interview.

Story Writing

PPDT is a type of projection test which is one part of the initial screening test. In this test, candidates will be shown a picture that may be hazy or unclear, for a period of 30 seconds. The candidates have to observe the picture very keenly and note down all possible details of the characters in the picture through their story, in a sheet that will be given to them.

Candidates should provide the main theme of the story, the central character and describe it very clearly in a way the assessor will be able to associate it with. The list of parameters that have to be taken into account during the story writing are the number of characters, age, sex, the past, present and future of the character etc.

These parameters should always be clearly specified in your story during the SSB interview. You must endeavour to write positive stories. You must also try to identify your hero/heroine of the story.

Group Discussion

This part is the continuation of the former story writing where each individual has to discuss the story they have written with the other candidates. The group has to discuss among themselves and come up with a common story. The single picture can be perceived by many individuals in different ways with different background themes, but essentially toward the end they have to come up with a common story. The skills such as listening, communication, coordination with the group members, tolerance, patience, and leadership and initiation aspects of the candidate are assessed during this group discussion.

Tips for Story Writing and Group Discussion

  • When you write the story always try to write it in the past tense.
  • Write the story with a positive outlook and also make sure that it has a positive ending.
  • When you are writing the story, write it with a good introduction like what has led to the happening of the events in the story.
  • Always have a central character or hero for the story.
  • You can give the hero the same age and sex as you, (only) if the picture has the character of your same sex.
  • During the narration of the story or during the group discussion do not look at the assessor but look at the other fellow group members.
  • Always listen carefully to the person who talks, and look at the speaker only.
  • When you are stuck in the middle of the narration do not panic, try to stay calm and get back to the track as soon as possible.
  • Maintain a good body language and a proper posture throughout your group discussion.
  • Always have a smiling face; this is an important factor for success.
  • It is not very essential that you have to be talking all the time in order to gain attention in the group discussion, but try to talk at least two to three times during the discussion.
  • When you are talking, talk in a very clear tone and also express your points in a straight forward manner; do not beat around the bush.
  • Do not argue with the other group members.
  • Maintain your temper, be cool and always be grounded.
  • Always help other weak members in the group to make their point.
  • At the end of the SSB group discussion, walk away in an upright fashion with your head held high; this shows that you are a very confident person.

Hope you found it useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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