6 Tips for SSB Personal Interview

by Uday Kumar on September 14, 2012

SSB Personal InterviewThe following points are a safety check list before you go for any personal interview, not just the SSB Personal Interview.

1. Personal Grooming

Please ensure you wear an appropriate (formal) dress for any interview. Preferably light coloured full sleeve shirt and dark coloured trousers. Belt and shoes both of same colour (both needs to be either black or brown). Make sure you have a good haircut (Nicely worn turban in case of sikh candidates). Nails trimmed. Apply a decent deo. (STRICTLY avoid perfumes and large quantity of deodorant on you as shown in TV ads. Please take it from me in writing – no beautiful and dangerously clad young women will run behind you for at least a deodorant. In this case the Interviewing Officer)

2. Do Your Home Work

Please find out about the organisation in which you are applying for. In case of Armed Forces – please do some research on Navy, Army and Air Force and the post to which you have applied for.

3. Keep Yourself Updated on the News

In any sensible interview, the interviewing officer will try to find out the candidates interest in the day to day environment and also find out his reactions. Keeping oneself updated with latest news shows that you are a very disciplined and intelligent person. At least make sure to know what has happened in the past one month.

4. Know Your Subjects

Knowing about your basic subjects is extremely important. Your knowledge in your professional subjects reflects your interest and motivation which you will show once you get selected and assigned a job.

5. Be Cool

It is important to remain calm and cool. A nervous person is a indication of underconfidence. Indication of nervousness is continuosly shaking your legs, clasping your palms frequently, moving uncomfortably and adjusting your position in your seat, looking all around the place except the interviewing officer, not looking into the eye of the interviewing officer, picking up a table weight or some object from the table and fiddling with it, stammering, etc.

6. Smile

Smiles do no cost. Then why don’t you smile :)

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