5 Tips for SSB Personal Interview

by Sachin Kumar on January 27, 2015

ssb-personal-interviewPersonal interview is a small conversation between a candidate and the Interviewing Officer (IO). The purpose of the interview is to have an insight in a candidate’s life and to check the Officer Like Qualities in a candidate. The IO will ask questions related to the candidate’s education, family, friends, hobbies, interests etc. Apart from that IO will ask some technical questions, current affairs, general knowledge questions.

In this article I will talk about the general requirements of a good personal interview that an interviewing expects from a candidate. These qualities can easily lead you to your selection in the armed forces.

1. Knowledge of Y.O.G.A.

I have given an acronym to the four basic ingredients of a good interview which can impress your Interviewing Officer. What you require for a good personal interview is knowledge of YOGA. Read below what is that:

a) Yourself: Most of the questions will be on your life, college, friends, family etc. It’s better to have a deep insight of your life before going to a SSB interview. Know your strengths and weaknesses, what type of person others see you as, etc. if you don’t give a good answer than your impression will be bad.

b) Organization: Suppose that you go for an IT company interview. You know in advance that one of the possible questions is ‘Why you want to join our company’? You prepare for it accordingly. Same is with the SSB and this question can be asked. So better have some knowledge of the defence forces. Nobody is asking you to study it thoroughly but at least have some basic knowledge

c) General awareness: If you are a graduate than you are expected to answer some questions related to your graduation, upcoming technologies, basic science laws, game rules etc. Better prepare for it and brush up your basics. Prepare a subject which you feel you are good at.

d) Around the world news (Current Affairs): Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world and India. Plenty of questions can be asked and if you know the answer then it will surely help you. It is must for a candidate. It will help not only in your SSB but in your written exam as well.

2. Honesty

Whatever you speak it must be true. In case you don’t know anything about a particular question then don’t lie to the IO. If you have not done something and you fill the wrong information in the PIQ, then you can be easily caught. Remember that he interviews many candidates like us and he can catch you easily that when you are lying.

3. Confidence

Whatever you speak, speak with confidence. If you are confident then every question will be easy for you to answer. When you are answering a question then make sure that you are expressing your thoughts clearly and confidently. Don’t go in too much detail and don’t finish in just 2-3 lines. Don’t hurry and speak slowly with an ease. While entering or leaving the interview room, in the same manner you entered the room i.e. head held high and raised chest.

4. Firmness

Stay firm in whatever you say because the IO will be cross checking your answers without letting you know. The self-description test in psychological testing plays an important role. The IO asks questions which are connected to your self-description and he keeps cross checking your replies that how truthful you speak. The natural psychology says that “what you speak is what you write”. So, your answers must match the written content of your SD.

5. Body language

If you are nervous then your body and eyes will inform this to the IO immediately. But if you are engaged in your interview then your body will move in a positive way automatically such as leaning forward slightly to show your enthusiasm and nodding whenever is appropriate, particularly when your interviewer is making an important point. Your eyes and body movements speak everything. Solid interview preparation and rehearsal may help you to feel more relaxed.

Don’t look here and there. If you are looking here and there then it means that you lack concentration and you are feeling nervous. Don’t move your legs or hands. Keep them steady and keep your hand on your thighs. Sit straight and confidently.

When you are answering a question then don’t move your eyes here and there. Distracted or upward eye movements can suggest someone is lying or not sure of themselves. It’s very important to look IO directly into his eyes to convey confidence and certainty.

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siddhant April 11, 2015 at 4:35 pm

sir i had applied for 10+2 btech cadet entry in indian navy in nov. still i haven’t got any mail regarding selection or rejection for ssb interview sir when i’ll be informed?


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