Future of the Indian Army

by Sachin Kumar on November 17, 2013

Indian Army is the 3rd largest army in the world. In order to successfully step up to the increasing internal security threats and challenges, the Army is focused on modernizing & upgrading its weapons and equipment. Following are the plans of Army in upcoming future:

Infantry equipment

  1. F-INSAS: Futuristic Infantry Soldier is the Indian Army’s principal infantry modernization program aiming to modernizing the army and paramilitary by 2020. Upgrading the infantry with a multi-calibre rifle with an under-barrel grenade launcher and bullet-proof jackets and helmets. The helmet would include a visor, flash light, thermal sensors, night vision devices and a miniature computer with audio headsets. It will also include a new lightweight and water-proof uniform.
  2. Multi-Caliber Assault Rifles: Army has issued RFI’s for multi-caliber assault rifles probably to be used as the weapon system in the F-INSAS program.
  3. Sub-Machine Guns: A deal worth was signed with M/S B&T Switzerland for the acquisition of advanced sub-machine guns for the Ghatak platoons of army.
  4. Anti materiel rifles: 1000 Anti materiel rifles are to purchased for which global RFI’s have been issued by the MOD. India is also producing Vishwansak anti-material rifle.
  5. Heavy Machine Guns: Indian army wants to purchase heavy machine guns for which RFIs have been sent to agencies for Kord 12.7mm HMG, M806 HMG and Browning M2E50.
  6. Indian Army has expressed requirement for 300,000 another modular body armour and ballistic helmets. RFI’s have been sent.

Tanks and Armoured vehicles

  1. Arjun MBT Mk. 2: A long awaited indigenous project whose trials have started in 2011.
  2. FMBT: Army is planning to acquire FMBT which will be a lighter tank of 50 tons.
  3. FICV: It is the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle developed of DRDO. It is supposed to replace Indian Army’s BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle.
  4. Kroton:  Possible sale of 80 mine laying vehicles from Poland.
  5. Light Tank: 300 tanks to be deployed on china border. 200 tracked will be tracked and 100 will be wheeled.
  6. T-90S Main-Battle Tanks (MBTs): India is also acquiring 1,657 Russian-origin T-90S main-battle tanks (MBTs)
  7. T-7 Upgradation: India is also upgrading its T-72 fleet.
  8. The army is procuring 2,000 pieces of night vision devices for T-72 tanks, T-90 tanks and infantry combat vehicles.
  9. Army is also acquiring TISAS (thermal imaging standalone systems) and TIFACS (thermal fire control systems) for its T-72 fleet. T-90S Main Battle Tanks were also fitted with French Catherine TI cameras.
  10. BMP-2 based 105mm Light tank: BMP-2 based 105mm Light tank to be manufactured in India.
  11. TATA Light Specialist Vehicle: LSV equipped with LMG & MMG to be purchased.


  1. Agni-V: 5th Missile of Agni Series whose range is 5,000 km-6,000 km. It has been Successfully test fired and under testing.
  2. Agni-VI: ICBM 6000–10,000 km range with MIRVed warheads. Currently under development.
  3. 3.    Nirbhay Missile: It is long range cruise missile with 1000km range
  4. 4.    BrahMos Mk 2: BrahMos-II is a hypersonic cruise missile currently under development and is estimated to have a range of 290 km.
  5. Prahaar: With a range of 150 km, it is equipped with omni-directional warheads.
  6. Shaurya: It is a short-range surface-to-surface ballistic with range of 600 km. Capable of hypersonic speeds.
  7. Nag missile: It is fire & forget anti-tank missile used to destroy tanks.
  8. HELINA: It is the helicopter launched variant of nag Anti-tank missile.
  9. Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program: DRDO is working on air defence system which can destroy enemy missiles in atmosphere.


  1. 155mm/52 self-propelled howitzers: Evaluation of 145 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled howitzers is being done.
  2. Indian Army has planned to procure 3000 to 4000 155 mm towed, wheeled and tracked artillery systems. Two types of indigenously developed 155mm howitzers to the Indian Army are under consideration.
  3. AHS Krab: Possible sale of 110 self-propelled tracked howitzers from Poland.
  4. PZA Loara: Anti-aircraft artillery gun. Possible sale of 100 from Poland

Army Aviation

  1. Light Utility Helicopters (LUH): Five global helicopter companies are in race to sell 197 light utility helicopters (LUH) is India to replace the Cheetak and Cheetah Helicopters. 64 for Army.
  2. HAL Light Observation Helicopter (LOH): Requirement for 384 helicopters is expressed by Army and Air Force.
  3. HAL Light Combat Helicopter: Light Attack helicopter being developed by HAL.
  4. HAL Rudra: It is the Dhruv’s weaponised version developed by HAL to be inducted in the Indian Army.
  5. Rustom-1 UAV: DRDO is developing UAV’s for Army.

Strike Corps

The Cabinet Committee on Security has agreed for the creation of a new mountain strike corps of nearly 40,000 troops to be deployed along the disputed China border region by the end of 2016.

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