GTO Tasks in SSB Interviews – Tips to Help You Succeed!

by Guest Author on May 5, 2013

Performance in GTO tasks is one of the important aspects for a selection of a candidate in the SSB interview. Generally GTO’s are held on third and fourth day of SSB and its main aim is to test that how well a candidate can work & perform in a group. In other words, you can say that how well you gel with your group.

GTO Tasks in SSB

As most of you know that there are nine tasks which are done in GTO testing:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise
  3. Snake Race or Group Obstacle Race
  4. Progressive Group Task
  5. Half Group Task
  6. Final Group Task
  7. Lecturette
  8. Command Task
  9. Individual Obstacles

Lecturette, Command Task and Individual Obstacles can be regarded as the individual tasks. Apart from these, in all the other tasks a candidate has to work in a group. One question which always comes in mind of a candidate is “How to perform well in GTO testing?”. My answer to this will be “Be yourself, Be cool & Be active”.

Take GTO testing day as a day when you have to leave you nervousness behind and you have to give a wonderful performance as if you are sitting with your college friends and having fun. If you do this then success is all yours. Read out the following material and find out how you can improve your performance in each area of the GTO Tasks.

Group Discussion

  • Whatever you speak, it should carry weightage. Rather than giving 2-3 normal facts, just give a single but a very knowledgeable fact. How much we speak is not the matter, with how much maturity & quality we speak about the subject matters.
  • Speak fluently and avoid stammering. Make a point in mind before speaking.
  • Don’t interrupt someone when he is speaking. Give him a chance to express himself.
  • Listen to others facts patiently. It’s not a debate, it’s a discussion. So be a patient listener.
  • Help the weak members who are not able to express themselves. Helping is the sign of a team player.
  • Support the good points of other members.
  • When your group contradicts on your point then don’t argue. Just leave that point and make a new point.

Group Planning Exercise

  • Listen to GTO carefully and follow all the instructions
  • Always make an action plan in mind before writing
  • Write each & every problem even if it seems to be very small and provide a solution for it.
  • Give priority to all the tasks. E.g: a person in critical condition should be saved first.
  • Use all the resources given for your help.
  • Always go for the time efficient solution.
  • Explain the action plan using distance and time. i.e at 5pm the group will meet at tea shop which is around 5kms from the river.
  • In discussion, follow all the points explained in Group Discussion.

Snake Race or Group Obstacle Race

  • Listen to the GTO carefully and follow all instructions.
  • Always make sure that everyone is holding the snake while going from one obstacle to another obstacle.
  • Make sure that atleast 3 members are holding the snake while crossing the obstacle
  • Never touch the out of bound region on the obstacle.
  • Cheer up your members and use war cry for motivating them
  • Don’t let the snake taste the soil. Always carry it near your hip region.
  • Don’t leave the group and don’t move forward to the next obstacle until everyone holds the snake. Remember that you have to carry the whole group to other side.
  • Help the heavy members to cross the wall obstacle.
  • Think for the group instead of you. It’s a group task so leave that “I” factor behind you.
  • Don’t shout or abuse any member in your group.

Progressive Group Task, Half group Task and Final Group Task

  • Try to give as many feasible ideas you can give.
  • Don’t violate the colour rules. Never touch the out of bound region on the obstacle.
  • Never look at the GTO until he asks you something.
  • Implement the ideas of other members if they have better idea than you.
  • Try to give a working solution when your group stucks somewhere.
  • In case your group stucks somewhere then use and try each & every item given to you, it may give you a way.
  • Help the heavy members to cross the obstacle.
  • Don’t argue with other members.
  • Be an active participant and always keep helping other members.


  • Select that topic about which you have some knowledge & you can speak on it confidently.
  • Never look at the GTO.
  • Greet your friends and tell them about your topic.
  • Give a little introduction, then explain the topic and at last conclude the topic positively
  • Keep a smiling and jolly face.
  • Tie your hands behind you and don’t make any hand or foot movements.
  • Use Hindi if you stuck somewhere and immediately turn back to English.
  • Keeping moving your head and see all the members of your group.

Command Task

  • When GTO explains you the task, listen it carefully. A small negligence can be disastrous
  • Greet you sub-ordinates and explain them about the task given.
  • Explain them about the colour rule, even if they already know about it.
  • Always select sub-ordinates according to the task. If the task has heavy load and helping material then call a person who can carry that load easily and if the task has light weight material then go for the person with less weight.
  • Never ask your sub-ordinates for help
  • In case you stuck somewhere then use and try each & every item given to you, it may give you a way.
  • Give a helping hand to your sub-ordinates in the task. i.e pass them the plank, carry the load.
  • Thank your sub-ordinates after finishing you task.

Individual Obstacles

  • Always make a sequence in your mind before starting.
  • Try to go for that obstacle whose exit is in front of other obstacle’s entry. This will save time.
  • Always hold the rope tightly. You might get hurt while coming down from the rope.
  • Don’t touch the red portion on the obstacle.
  • Try to do all the obstacles. Don’t hesitate to do any obstacle.
  •  If you are not able to cross an obstacle then don’t leave it. Go for the other ones and come back and do it again.

As, I already told you that Success Mantra to perform well in GTO tasks is “Be yourself, Be cool & Be active”. Believe me, if you follow these rules then that day is not so far, when you will call your dad and say “Papa, I got recommended.” So starting working on your problems from today onwards. Best of luck. Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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rahul May 5, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Thank you sir for sharing this great article. This will surely help us to improve for GTO tasks. 🙂


Eva Agrawal May 7, 2013 at 12:03 pm

Hello Sir,
Your website is really of great help. But most of the articles are written concentrating on men only. I request you to please tell us about women entry schemes and their respective SSB procedures.
I really want to join defense services. Once gave SSB but was screened out on the very first day! I guess it was because the lack of appropriate knowledge. So please help me to achieve my goal.
I hope u’ll reply soon and help me out.


Uday Kumar May 7, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Got your feedback. Will try to write about women’s opportunities as well.

Eva Agrawal May 9, 2013 at 10:50 am

Thank you for replying! M waiting for your blog. please start from the very first day of SSB as it is the most important day.


subhankar ghosh June 9, 2013 at 9:49 am



brijrajsinh October 15, 2013 at 3:56 pm

hello sir,
I want to join navy on the basis of my bca.what will be my work in navy if i will be selected? And i am applying for the first time so which things i should carry while going for test?And my weight is only 52 kg. so will it create any problem or not?And how many persons every year apply and how many of them are selected?
please guide me because it my first time and i want to clear exam.

thank you.


Devesh July 1, 2014 at 11:47 am

Hello sir,
There is a obstacle in the snake race in which we have to make the shape of 8.can u tell me how to cross that obstacle with snake i.e just cross the snake or we have to cross the snake by making the shape of 8


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