Importance of General Knowledge (GK) in SSB Interviews

by Sachin Kumar on July 12, 2014

46040737Now these days General Knowledge is emerging as an important subject in all the written exams. Even interviewing officers at SSB boards ask lots of questions on GK and current affairs. If you have appeared for a SSB interview then you might be familiar with that. But if you haven’t appeared yet and you want to crack the SSB interview then my advice to you is to get into the habit of reading newspapers and listening news.

General Knowledge is nothing but just awareness of current events all around the world. For e.g. current appointments at cabinet level (who is the defence minister and which political party he belongs to?). The most obvious question in GK is about the current chiefs of the tri services. And much to their dismay some people are not even aware of that.

In addition, some people say that they are very passionate for joining defence forces but when the IO asks them some questions related to defence then they don’t know the answer. For e.g. IO asks you about the 5 guns currently in service with Indian Army and if you don’t know the answer then it leaves a bad impression on the IO. So it’s better not to say something which goes against you. But if you want to say that you are passionate for joining the defence forces then you must acquire the basic knowledge of our armed forces.

Basic GK and knowledge of current affairs is must for your SSB.

I will give you some examples of the question being asked in interview by the IO:

  1. Who is the current chief minister of your neighbouring state?
  2. Tell me 5 things you recently read in newspaper.
  3. Tell me deeply about __________ (any topic in news).
  4. What is the Significance of _____________ (any national issue) for India?
  5. Tell me 5 national news,5 sports news and 5 international news.
  6. What are your views on (topic)? What do you think, how it affects India

Apart from this, he may ask you about your knowledge in own games, extra-curricular activities, NCC, scouting etc. Following are some examples:

  1. Which game you like the most and why?
  2. What are the current team/player rankings in that game?
  3. Tell me about the swimming styles.
  4. Who is administrative body for swimming
  5. Who was the best swimmer in 2012 Olympics games?
  6. What is the motto of NCC?

And if you are passionate for defence then you will face various questions which are asked intentionally by the IO to see your interest level and to check how true you are to your words. Following are some sample questions:

  1. Tell me something about Indian Army/Indian Air Force/Indian Navy.
  2. Tell me about the rank structure of Army/Navy/Air Force from bottom.
  3. Tell me about the formation/commands of Army/Navy/Air Force
  4. Name the different arms and services of Indian Army.
  5. Tell me 5 aircrafts/ helicopters of Indian Air Force and their origin.
  6. Tell me 5 ships/submarines of Indian Navy, guns/tanks of Indian Army.
  7. Tell me 5 missiles of India and their range.

Good knowledge of current affairs not only helps you in your personal interview but also help you in your group discussion and Lecturette as most of the GD and Lecturette topics are based on event currently happening around the world.

You are familiar with the 15 OLQ’s?

Good GK and knowledge of current events is also an OLQ. Though it is not mentioned in the 15 OLQ”s but it can be regarded as the 16th OLQ or a hidden OLQ. The reason for regarding it as a 16th OLQ is that an Army officer must know everything which is happening around him and he must be aware of matters with national importance.

So friends, good GK and good knowledge of current affairs not only helps you in clearing your written exams but it also helps you to crack SSB. So my advice to you is: Start preparing for your GK, read daily newspaper, listen news for minimum 1 hour, makes notes, search on internet and keep working hard. That day is not so far when success will be yours.

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Deepika August 12, 2014 at 8:57 am

Its really useful for us sir ..
Thanks ……
There are such questions which were asked to me in SSB by IO.


Aman deep November 9, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Thanks sir you aware me for next ssb


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