Life At Indian Military Academy

by Sachin Kumar on July 14, 2014

In this article we will talk about the life of a trainee in Indian Military Academy. A trainee on admission to the IMA is referred to as a Gentleman Cadet. IMA GC’s undergo training at the IMA for one or one and a half years depending on their entry. Cadets from NDA & ACC also join IMA and undergo one year training.

Indian Military  Academy

GCs hail from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country. IMA plays a vital role in eliminating the differences and helps them to share the love of common bonding. The Academy teaches all of them to be united and develop values such as camaraderie. The training at IMA aims for the overall development of a GC in regards to the physical, mental attributes and sharpen the leadership skills of cadets. The main aim of the training is to break the sense of self, and teach team spirit.

The first thing every candidate experiences is the haircut which becomes your identity to the outside world. All GC’s are allotted with a bicycle, a GC number and a company which is basically his home for the duration of his training.

There are 16 companies in IMA and each company in academy is named after battles fought at various locations by our Army. Four companies make one battalion. Battalions are named after great generals of the Indian Army. All companies participate in various inter-company events and compete with each other to become the champion at the end of the each term. This teaches a GC learns to develop strong feeling for his company.

Daily Routine

The schedule of GC’s training is decided before the term starts and the same schedule is followed till the end. In no way the schedule changes either it rains badly or intense heat is there.

All wake up early in the morning and after attending muster fall-in (morning roll-call) proceed to attend their outdoor training i.e. grueling PT/Drill. On some days, horse-riding or BPET may also be scheduled.

After PT/Drill GC comes back to his company, takes bath, changes clothes, goes for breakfast and rushes to attend classes all within 45 mins time. Time is very important in Army and GC’s have to reach on time irrespective of whether they have taken breakfast or not and how far the class is.

In classes GC’s are taught various subjects related to defence and some classes are based on improving overall personality of a GC. As soon as classes get over in the afternoon all GC’s rush to have their lunch and then to company to change into whatever engagement they have which most usually include, weak PT for GC’s requiring additional training to clear the physical standards of academy, weak swimming for the dead sinkers, GRDO for GCs with bad drill.

There is also a games period where you play games like football,hockey. In army sports play an important role and you have to play games. If you don’t know any game then you will learn there. After games period, GC’s settle down for organized study period. Before which they clean their respective cabins and then sit at their study table for one and half hour. While study period, no one is supposed to move. Once study period is over, GCs are broken off to have their dinner and then they assemble back in the company. After which, seniors escort weak juniors for PT or ask them to do any other work. After lights out no body is supposed to be outside of his cabin.

Similar to other colleges, exams are held at IMA at regular intervals. To improve your endurance various exercises and long run backs with full battle load are held, in which you navigate and compete with other companies for a distance of 40-60kms.

Most of an officer cadet’s training constitutes of events that an average jawan undergoes. This is kept intentionally so that an officer can understand jawan’s mental & physical attributes and at the end of their tenure at academy they are in a position to command them effieciently.

IMA is very strict for the discipline and Tough Punishments are awarded to the defaulters. You will be so busy in your training that you will not get time for yourself. In IMA you will not feel bored as number of events are held at regular intervals such as quiz, debate, x-country, boxing, athletics, etc and in spite of heavy schedule GC’s are allowed to  watch English and latest Hindi movies  for 3 days in a week. You are asked to join clubs where you can explore yourself and learn new things.

The pace of training at the Academy is fast and intense and the time flies. During his short stay in the Academy, a GC learns to live his life with more passion. Days spent in the academy are the golden moments of the life. No two days in academy are the same, and every day throws up a new challenge, a new experience.

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Uken May 12, 2015 at 12:01 pm

I wanted to know whether you are army officer? if yes i wanted to know the training routine of army people I myself was not able to get in army but i can practice the army training.


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