Modernization Plan of the Indian Navy

by Sachin Kumar on December 19, 2013

Indian Navy is the naval branch of Indian Armed Forces and its primary objective is to secure the nation’s maritime border.

The Indian Navy is currently undergoing a 15-year modernization plan in an attempt to replace older service equipment.  Following are the future purchases of Indian Navy:

Aircraft Carriers

  1. Admiral Gorshkov: It was purchased from Russia and deal was done to overhaul the vessel & refit it entirely with new electronic, weapon systems and sensors. The vessel is expected to reach the Indian waters in the starting of 2014 as it was commissioned as INS Vikramaditya in Russia on 16th November.
  2. Vikrant-class aircraft carriers: In August 2013, India launched the first of two Vikrant-class aircraft carriers. INS Vikrant, which has a capacity to carry 36 fighter planes would undergo extensive sea trials in 2016, and is expected to be commissioned by 2018.  After that, another aircraft carrier INS Vishal will join the fleet of Indian Navy which will have capacity of 65,000 ton.


  1. Arihant Class Submarines:  Nuclear Submarines developed by India. 1 has been launched and other 3 are under construction.
  2. INS Chakra: Akula Class nuclear submarine acquired from Russia on lease for 10 years. Talks are on to acquire another submarine. Option for buying these submarines is also available.
  3. Project 75 (Scorpene Submarines): Being developed by India. 6 are under construction and proposal for 3 more submarines is being considered.


  1. Project 15A (Kolkata Class Destroyer): Indian Navy is acquiring the Kolkata-class destroyers. 3 are under construction.
  2. Project 17 (Shivalik Class Frigate):– 1 Shivalik class frigate has been commissioned and another 2 are under construction.
  3. Project 28A (Kamorta class Corvette): Total 8 are on order out of which 4 are under construction.
  4. Mine Countermeasure Vessels: Bids have been issued for 8 mine countermeasure vessels to replace the Pondicherry class ocean minesweepers in service. Six of them will be produced at Goa shipyard.
  5. Multi-Role Support Vessel: Navy is looking for induction of large amphibious ships (Multi-Role Support Vessels). International RFP for up to 4 amphibious operation vessels with significant capability to carry Helicopters and troops has been issued.
  6. Talwar Class Frigates:  3 have been commissioned , 2 are under sea trials and 1 is under construction

Aircrafts/ Helicopters

  1. Kamov-31: 6 maritime helicopters to be acquired to operate from the new aircraft carrier INS Vikramadtiya.
  2. Naval LCA: The naval variant of the HAL Tejas with strengthened landing gear and other necessary modifications for service on an aircraft carrier. Two Naval prototypes will be built, the NP-1 (two seat variant) and NP-2 (single seat variant) for carrier operations. Indian Navy plans to operate two squadrons (40 aircraft) of carrier borne Tejas aircraft.
  3. Mig-29K: Indian Navy has planned to acquire 12 single-seat MiG-29K, 4 dual-seat MiG-29K UB fighters which will provide defence and suface attack capabilities.
  4. Boeing P-8 Poseidon: The Indian Navy has bought 12 P-8 Poseidon Anti-submarine Warfare/Maritime Surveillance Aircraft.
  5. AEW&C aircraft: Also there are plans to induct four AEW&C aircraft that will be based on carriers.
  6. Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft: The Indian Navy issued an RFP for six medium-range maritime reconnaissance (MRMR) aircraft with anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities
  7. Multi-Role Naval Helicopters: The Indian Navy has issued a tender for procurement of 16, multi-role naval helicopters equipped with anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare equipment including missiles and torpedoes, and also which are capable of being in-flight refueling. The order is likely to grow to around 60 helicopters.
  8. ShinMaywa US-2 amphibious aircraft: Talk are on with japan to set up a joint working group to study how India can acquire and operate the ShinMaywa US-2 amphibious aircraft.
  9. Unmanned Helicopter: This helicopter is under development and will be based on the HAL-built Cheetah helicopters. It is the joint venture between India and Israel. Requirement for 40 helicopters is expressed by Navy.
  10. BAE Hawk: Navy has ordered 17 Hawk aircrafts for training the pilots.
  11. Rustom UAV : The Navy is also planning to purchase more UAVs from DRDO.
  12. NAL Saras: This aircraft have been ordered to replace the Dornier Do-228.


  1. Barak II: India and Israel are working together on the development of new generation surface to air missile system deployed on warships.
  2. Sagarika (K-15): K-15 is a nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile with a range of 750km
  3. K-4 Missile: Submarine Launched Version of the Agni-III missile which can carry 1-2.5 tonne warhead.
  4. K-5 Missile: Submarine Launched Version of the Agni-V missile with the range of 6000km and 1 tonne warhead.

 Safety Organisation

The Indian Navy is also envisaging a new ‘Safety Organisation’ to improve safety of its warships, nuclear submarines and aircraft in view of its planned increase in fleet strength over the next decade.

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