My SSB Interview Experience (by Girish Singh)

by Girish Singh on July 14, 2014

30905357Welcome back. In the last article, we in detail saw some things about public speaking. This article is the most awaited one, I will share my interview experiences in this article.

It was the third day. We were in between GTO tasks. As the tasks were about to get over, our CHM came and informed that a few of us will give interviews today only. I was also among them. He told us to immediately go for the interviews, in the GTO dress only. It was rainy season and so my clothes were all messed up from the tasks from earlier of the day. While I was walking towards the interview room I was wondering how my crisp formal clothes were waiting for me in the room and how different it would have been only if I got 3 minutes to change my clothes. But now there was no other option other than to go all messed up for the interview. I waited in the waiting room seeing that pretty red bulb, waiting for it to glow up. That would be my signal to proceed towards interview room. While I was sitting there, I wondered how my interviewer would look like. 😀

As the bulb finally went on, I stood up and went straight to the room. I knocked at the door lightly and asked permission to get in. He asked me to get in. I went and stood next to the chair meant for me. He was not looking at me. Two minutes of awkward silence. Then he asked me to sit down and looked at me from head to toe. I realised that my shoes had spoilt the crystal clear floor and while I was contemplating about how dirtier I could be, he said “You coming straight from the grounds kid?”

I answered “Yes Sir”.

Then he asked me about my SSB experience from day 1 (screening) to that moment. I replied very carefully and honestly. He seemed to be a really nice officer. He asked in a very polite tone and so I tried to answer the questions even more polietely.

Next he went on to asking a series of personal questions. The only uncomfortable part was that he asked too many questions, I guess about 12-15 questions in one go. The questions varied from my education to the family particulars to the hobbies, interests to the successes/failures. To get a clear picture, the question basically asked the life story from standard 8th onwards to date. I tried to remember as many questions as I could. Then I answered all the questions that I remembered one after another. My best guess, I took nearly 15 minutes to answer them all. During this interval, he was keenly observing my every move and was writing something down ocassionaly. Midway, he offered me water but I polietely declined. As soon as I was completed, he took me to the next part.

He was looking at my PIQ form, as he said “You have filled quite a PIQ, you seem obsessed with computers” and then asked me a few questions from OS, Networks and a few other topics. I answered all the questions upto a pretty good level. Then he asked about sports, basketball in particular as I wrote about it in the PIQ. I answered those too.

Now he said something which built an air of tension in the room. He said “All right, you are a conputer wizard, I get it, lets talk about your GK.” His smile was enough to intimidate me to level zero. “Yes sir” is all I said.

He then asked me questions from geography, polity, a few from economy and nearly current affairs of all those countries which I heard in news from last few months.

The current affairs part was tricky. As I answred a question, he wanted more details. Sometimes I gave them, sometimes I polietely said that I don’t know. I answered with my full concentration. He gave me plenty of time to speak and spoke only after I paused. This was good but it caused me to answer even more responsibly.

After this GK question session, he again came back to asking personal questions, to my surprise. But in this part he only asked me the particular details of my friends. The questions were easy to answer.

Now, ge asked me what was the reason that I wished to join the armed services and why didn’t I try earlier. I answered very honestly that how a life of aim and an extra ordinary job satisfaction was the things I was seeking in addition to good career incentives. He was particularly happy with my answer and then asked who encouraged me to apply. I again honestly replied how a senior of mine told me to do so.

With this my interview was concluded. I pulled the door to open it, failing in it. He said “Use your eyes kid, it says PUSH.” I was embarrased. I said sorry and left the room as fast as I could.

It was a nice learning experience. I was satisfied with my interview, spare a few things.

If my experience told me something, it is that they seek genuinity out there. Those who pretend to be someone else, are either screened out, or dont succeed. They have one of the most evolved and partial selection system. Try not to beat it. Constant self improvement might just be the key to success.

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Aniruddha July 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Thanks for this information, its really helpful for new aspirant 🙂


sangram January 11, 2015 at 11:34 am

its my dream to join Indian army and i am 17 years old, I have applied for Nda as ARMY AS MY 1st CHOICE,…i have cleared the written exam and now i have to face ssb interview….this is my first time….i can assure that i will pass all the physical exams…but i have problem in one stage…i.e., Eye sight test….i have power of -3.5
Sir plz suggest me how can i become army cadet in NDA…


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