Day 1 Screening Tests in SSB Interviews

by Guest Author on May 12, 2013

ssb-screening-testThere are many doubts which come to one’s mind regarding the screening process i.e Day 1 of SSB. After day 1, some candidates are recommended for further testing which lasts for 4 more days but those who are not recommended in screening are sent back on the same day. So here gives you the procedure telling you what happens in the screening and how should you proceed to prepare for it.

Aptitude Tests

The tests are very basic and contain questions to check your verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The questions are very much similar which you come across while solving any paper of aptitude of banking services, SSC type of exams. You can practice it in online SSB training program of Here the issue is time, yes you are given verbal questions like 50 or 60 to be solved in 30 minutes and non-verbal around 50 questions in 40 minutes.

This is where your skills come into play. Don’t panic, read the question carefully, and most important thing is practice these type of questions without waiting for your SSB call letter. Remember one thing, quantity does not matter, but quality does. If you are able to do 60-70% of the questions, most of the people around you have done the same, but what matters is- how many have you got correct.

The questions in verbal are asked from the topics like: series completion, find the odd one out, speed/distance/time, blood relations. In case of non-verbal: series completion by seeing the pictures, mirror images, image distortion etc. (see the images). These questions can be practiced from books and websites around you. DO TIME BOUND PRACTICE and MAINTAIN YOUR TEMPER while you practice so that you are comfortable enough to get accurate answers.

ssb-aptitude tests


PPDT – Picture Perception and Discussion Test

This is picture perception and discussion test. In this, all of you will be shown a picture. It will be a pencil sketch or not-so-clear picture. You have to make a story out of it telling its characters, their mood, age and related attributes. Make a background that what leads to the situation, what is going on right now and the future. Don’t get nervous if you are not able to write complete story.


After this, there is a group discussion and it plays a major role in screening because this is the time you face the assessors. You will be divided into groups, say of 10 or 15. You will have to narrate your story one by one, so if you were not able to write your complete story, you can do it now in narration. Then there is an open group discussion where candidates put forward their points. The aim is to reach on a common story in the given time limit.

In GD remember some general rules, do not shout, do not try to treat anyone condescendingly or stand up and raise your point. Maintain the decorum, speak in tone which is just and voice which is clearly audible. Convey your ideas properly. If you get stuck somewhere you can use Hindi (but revert back to English as soon as possible) and most importantly, if your points are rejected, maintain your patience. The target is to reach on a common story by discussion not by debate. The thing you need to take care is that this is a group activity, the more you help your group, the more you are helping yourself.

After these tests comes the result of screening, the candidates which are recommended are allotted new chest numbers and further kept for testing for 4 more days, those who are not recommended are sent back that day itself.

Hudda Harpreet

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pushp May 13, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Thanks a ton to creating this site for the people like us. I’v a question. What is max age limit to do qualify for cds, n what type me preparation one should keep before facing ssb.


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