How to Prepare for Self Description Test in SSB + Example

by Sachin Kumar on June 9, 2013

Self-description test in SSB is one of the Psychology tests and it is used to test, how much you know about you and how people around you see you as a person. In other words, this is a test to bring your traits and qualities out from you and check what type of person you are.

Self Description Test SSB

Generally there are 5 paragraphs which are asked to write:

  • Parents opinion
  • Friends/colleagues opinion
  • Teachers/Seniors opinion
  • Self opinion
  • Aim in life and Qualities you would like to improve.

How to write Ideal Self Description

  • A candidate can prepare it in advance as the questions are already known and for that you can refer to your parents, friends, etc and ask them what they feel about you.
  • Also ask them one or two bad points about you and make sure that you can justify it. Suppose your parents say that you are extravagant then you can justify it by saying that I always go for quality products that’s why they think I am extravagant.
  • The best way to handle Self-Description test is to describe your character in less words but with various qualities. E.g: you want to say “I am a responsible boy. I am a funny loving and friendly person.” Instead of it write “I am a responsible, loving and friendly person.”
  • Also avoid writing the qualities that go against OLQ’s they need. E.g: My teachers say that I lack in decision making. This will be against you.
  • Give one or two negative points about you in the first 3 paragraphs and make sure that you can counter it. In self opinion there is no need to tell about your negative points. IO will ask you separately that what do you think what are your weaknesses? If you don’t know about your weaknesses then go for what your friends or teachers say about you.
  • It is certain possibility that whatever you write in your SD, the interviewing officer will ask questions regarding that. Suppose you have written that ‘My parents see me as a helpful child as I help them in buying items from market’. Then be sure that you know the current item rates in the market.
  • Suppose in you have written that you want to improve your physical stamina then there will be a counter question. Okay, Ashish what you are doing to improve your physical stamina, what type of exercises you do to keep yourself fit.
  • Last but not the least write as many points you can write in less words, maintain speed and keep you handwriting neat and clean.

Example for Self-Description

Parents opinion: My parents think that I am good son who is very obedient. They see me as a bright child who will bring name and fame to the family. They see my enjoying with my siblings and appreciate my concern for them. They feel that I am very thoughtful towards family and help them in hours of need. My parents complain that I am extravagant but they know that I always go for quality products.

Friends opinion: My friends think that I am a funny loving and straightforward person. They appreciate my helping nature in studies as well as personal problems. They feel happy around me. Some of my friends will say me as a brother. However some of them say that I am too talkative but they know that it’s just because I like to have fun with and they also love it.

Teachers opinion: My teachers will say that I am above average student with good communication skills. They express their happiness to shoulder me any responsibility and appreciate my participation in class and college works. They say that I am one of the best students of the class but I am naughty sometimes.

Self opinion: I think that I am a responsible and honest boy who wants to do thing successfully. I am punctual towards my work and do it before time. I believe that mutual cooperation is a way to success and like to help people whenever they seek my help. I am an average student and like to read books and play chess.

Aim in life and Qualities you would like to improve: I would like to be an officer in Indian Army as my father was in army and he inspired me to select army as a career. I would like to improve my physical and mental abilities for which I do yoga and meditation. I am working hard to improve my general knowledge for which I regularly keep myself in touch with news.

NOTE: It is just an example for Self-Description. Your opinion may differ with this, so kindly do not copy. Just have an idea and write your own Self-Description.

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Parth singh June 10, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Plz forward me every detail for n.d.a ssb or any thing


Srikar June 13, 2013 at 11:11 am

Hi guys,

I have a doubt. I want to join navy. I was going through a website about INA and its given its for those who want to join executive branch. Is this true? Pls help me out. Thanks a bunch!!


Ajit kumar July 4, 2013 at 9:41 am

Respected Arun sir

I am a regular reader of your blogs and tips regarding SSB. I would like to extend my regards and courtesy to you for doing such a great work. Sir, I appeared in the SSB for Indian army (CDSE entry) at Allahabad 19 SSB but got conferenced out. This time it’s for the Indian navy at 12 SSB Bangalore for SSC (OBS) entry. I have a few questions regarding it 1. Is there any difference between the SSB for the army and the navy?

2. The university through which I obtained the graduation degree has been locked down due to certain reasons, so what effects will it have? Ps. a. The name of university is still in the list of universities on the website of university grants commission. (UGC) b. My name and other details are there under the enrolled candidates section of the university on its official website. 3. What is the procedure of document verification after getting recommended? And 4. What are the chances of making it to the merit list after getting recommended for this entry? Expecting a reply from you sir.

With thanks and regards

Ajit Kumar


ameen sharma January 30, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Thank you so much ,IT was REally helpful 🙂


ankur singhania March 17, 2014 at 9:36 am

sir my weakness is that i am an introvert. By writing this in my self description will i be penalized or not? what could be a better way to say it and possible steps taken to improve?


Dhananjay Kumar January 20, 2015 at 12:57 pm

Sir, I am preparing ssb for SCO but i am weak in English,i am not understanding how to tackle TAT,GPE ,GD&LECTURATE.


balvendra nain May 10, 2015 at 4:06 am

sir, i m going for appearing the ssb 38 actually i believe in other very soon and i want to know about with this weakness , what would be the effect on me and how can i remove this type of weakness , this is the first time i m appearing the ssb


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