SSB Experience by Vinay – 20 SSB Bhopal for SSC 39 (Technical Entry)

by Uday Kumar on July 21, 2012

I am Vinay Pillai from Bathinda (Punjab). I have done B.Tech. I would like to share my SSB experience at 20 ssb bhopal for ssc 39 (technical entry) for army.

On 16 june in the evening I reached bhopal. Our reporting time was on 17th june at 2pm. So that day I stayed in the hotel and next day I went to the outside of railway station bhopal where the army persons were there to take us to the selection center. This was my first ssb experience and I was really excited. In the bus I made a new friend yash from mumbai. We chatted till we reached the selection center. After reaching the selection center the fauji divided the students. We were 133 students. Then he showed us our room. There were six persons in our room. The fauji has told us that we need to assemble outside a building. When we went a jco welcomed us. Then our documents verification had begun. After the verification the jco told us to assemble in a hall. There we have to fill our piq form,travelling form and other forms. At that day the whole process finished at 9.30 pm and then we went to the dinner. After having the dinner

We went to our respective rooms. We all room mates introduced each other . At that day we slept at 11.30pm and the next day we have to get up at 4.30 pm. We got up at 4.30 had a bath and then at 5.45 went for the breakfast. We were told to assemble in the hall at 6.30 am. We all reached the hall the jco welcomed us. He told us that our screening test would be beginning at 7.15am . Then at 7.15 the pschologist came and gave us instruction about the verbal nonverbal test

Day 1

First was our verbal and non verbal test. I performed average in this test. Then was our ppdt test. I was sitting in the first row. The pschologist gave us the instructions. Then for 30 sections a picture was shown. I was only able to saw an old man in the picture. I wrote the story that vijay was a newly graduated engineer. He got his job in gurgaon. One day he was going to his job and he saw an old man on the road side in a very bad condition. Vijay asked him about the problem . The old man told him that he is having no place to live so vijay decided to take him to old age home. And then bla bla .

After writing the story we were told to wait 15 min outside the hall . I asked a person who was siting with me in the ppdt that what did he saw in the picture he told that he saw an old man and a boy of 22 years of age at the railway station. I asked many persons that what had they seen. All of us were having different perception. . After the ten minutes were over the fauji divided us in the groups for gd . Chest no 1to 46 were all freshers. 47 to 67 were screened out candidates and 68 to 133 were repeaters. I was in the second group from chest no 19 to 36. Mine was chest no 34. Then came our turn of gd. We were standing outside the hall. A colnel came and gave us the instructions for gd. We went inside there were total 18 students . We sat down on our chairs and then the story narration began. Iwas sitting on the 3rd last position. I was very nervous as it was my first time. Then came my turn while narrating I got stuck in the middle but I continued. After the narration was over the officer divided into 9-9 students for gd. Again I was in the second group . When the story narration began it became a fish market. Then the chance of our group came. I initiated the discussion . Then the officer told the 18 of us to make a common story. It was a first market and we didn’t came to any conclusion. After the results 40 of us got screened in. And from our group of 18 only 3 got screened in.

Friends I would like to give a suggestion that in gd . Plzz do the gd properly . If your gd is good. There are more chances of persons getting screened in from your group. After that we were again called in the hall for again filling the piq form. And new chest nos were given mine was chest no 15. After that the jco told us that some of us would be having interview today only. Mine was not that day. We were allotted new rooms and new friends in the the room

Day 2

It was our psychology test. The first one was tat. 12 pictures in series was shown. I remember some pictures. 1. Two persons sitting on a tree. 2. A person in the street3. A boy in the middle of water with a boat. 4. A boy getting drowned. Rest I dont remember. Then was our wat test then srt test and then finally self description test after that day 2 was finished. We went to bhopal and visited the lakes. In the evening we came back.

Day 3

It was our gto day. First was our gd. The topics for the gd were.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of ipl t20 cricket
  • For getting sucess in life which is important 1. Knowledge 2. Skill 3. Hardwork
  • Then was our milatry planning exercise-group task-snake race-lecturette my topic was on child parent relationship-half group task was the last for that day. At that day I was having my interview. My interview went for about 45 minutes.

Day 4

  • Individual¬†obstacles
  • Commander task.
  • Final group task

And it was all over.

I didn’t performed well in the gto tasks.

Day 5

Conference-only 4 students were recommended.

But it was a memorable experience friends.


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krishan choudhary July 24, 2012 at 10:39 pm

sir,m 3tms confrence out,i thnk m lackng in pshyc nd interview,i cn improve my interview,bt i dnt knw hw to improve pshyc,plz help


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