SSB Screening Test – Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Day

by Premlata on November 1, 2015

This article is as a response for the mail which I have got from various people after publishing my previous one, all of my enthusiastic aspirants want to know what exactly will happen on the day of SSB screening.

ssb screening

So here we will go in detail with the day of screening and I hope you all will get the clear picture about the day and, you will enjoy the sessions over there.

According to my knowledge and experience our nerves start getting heat, when we receive the call up letter and from that very day we start thinking that, what will happen there exactly with us in the screening.

I will explain each and everything in detail so have patience and enjoy reading all the procedure but with careful eyes, because there is lot of thing which can make you or can break you…. “So just pay a heed to every particular scene”.

“Screening means the first stage test to extract the wonderful and talented candidate for further 4 days procedure” from which, SSB assessors can finally select the quality candidate for Defense Forces.

The day include mainly three tests or session you can say, one is verbal and non verbal test where all the candidate have to give two written test, followed by discussion and narration part.

So let’s come and see what exactly happen and required in verbal and non verbal part. There are many candidates who take this session very lightly, but don’t ever forget that this is the most important part which can make you in or out.

You can think of your own that why the SSB includes this as the first test. Let me clear you with this because Armed Forces required strong logical and calculative people, dump or fantasy world people have some other place to work.

I am not at all criticizing on anybody, but I have seen it in reality that there are so many candidates who are attending SSB and they are questioning there that, why they are taking this childish test? What is the use of this?

So dear aspirants don’t forget that “we do mistake only there where we are not in touch with the subjects and assessors know that where and how to grill the candidate”, so they can get the real part of brain.

Yes this is very much true that the question which is asked in verbal and non verbal test that are very basic and required only a careful attention at that time to solve them. But it needs a constant practice as well, as we all know that “practice makes a person perfect”.

In my opinion you can do these steps to excel in this part like- solve every day at least 20 questions each from logical reasoning, verbal and arithmetic.

Keep focus on the logic behind the question in the way they will be solved, because you will not get enough time there to think on a particular question. In less time you will have to solve as many question as you can, the more you will solve correctly the more you will score and will get a chance to get in for sure.

Why I am saying this because logic is more important to solve a question and there is an important reason behind this. We all know who can cook better majority of the answer would be “Mom” yes of course but the exact answer is a “chef “why because they are having logic and ideas that how to cook and have expertise in this particular field.

So moral of my above Para is that the much you will practice a particular subject you will get expertise in that and when the performance time will come you will definitely excel at that time.

Build your logic and expertise in each and every section for this test; you can take reference of some books like written by RS Agarwal, Arun Sharma and can practice with each section so you can save your time at the time of test you will get a fruitful result.

Now I am going to narrate all the procedure in a story so as a character you can put yourself and can feel the reality of the test by your own before going into SSB procedure. So story goes like this:

Khusi is a graduate student (It could be a candidate after 12th STD) and has applied for Armed Forces, she got a call letter for her SSB; she was very excited as this is her first time to go through with all this procedure.

She reached at the venue on the reporting day an army bus came there to pick the entire candidate and their luggage; she reached to the selection center and after documentation process, where assistant of SSB Board checked her original as well as Xerox copy of all the certificate and allotted a chest no for her and a room as well.

Where she met with some lovely room mats and make friend after that she had her dinner in which there were some delicious food which you can take as much as you want. In my time at the time of our opening address our GTO said that here you can take as much food as you want but don’t waste it; take it only the amount which you can have properly. I personally was so much happy by hearing this line, in short he said that eat well and sleep well than only you can perform well.

So after having such a nice dinner, Khusi slept and by early morning she got up, get ready as the reporting time was 6:30 am sharp so, she reached at the testing hall with all other candidate in formal”, this is the answer of the question what we should wear on the day of screening. It should be strictly formal for both boys and girls a girl. I will explain in another article that what impact it leaves on assessors that how we have dressed up.

Then assistant of SSB Board reached their and lined up the entire candidate as per the chest no and brief them about the test, then a cute assessor arrived there (as a girl this was the expression for assessor from Khusi) and motivate the entire candidate for test and wish them good luck.

Then test started there were two sets of verbal and non verbal test for a fixed time. After the test all the candidates were divide into some group, each group was having 9 candidates and then they were processed with the GD and Narration part.

After the test everyone had their lunch and came back to the testing hall for their result. Again the cute assessor came with some good and some bad news, for Khusi it was good news as she was well prepared so she got screen in and got a new chest no. So aspirants this was the whole procedure of Screening.

I will write my next article that how to perform in GD and narration part so keep checking Naval Journey for my next post.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this procedure + story!!!

I will keep posting all the valuable Information for all of you by time to time. You can post your questions or your weakest part where you need assistance from my side in the comment box and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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“If you have decided, no one can stop you. So, continue your hard work and be ready to get rewarded”.


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raju November 2, 2015 at 10:50 am

sir, i have completed my post graduation in chemistry , but results are awaited, the notification of the education branch for PG students has been released, i want to apply for that , but dont know proper marks in second year , what i do , kindly suggest me sir


DIPTI RAWAL November 21, 2015 at 7:43 am

pl send details of physical task for woman naval architect post,and army woman civil eng post.


AKHIL.S.R June 23, 2016 at 12:09 pm

Sir, I am a graduate in chemistry.I recently got my call letter to attend SSB interview through NCC SPL entry at Allahabad.But the problem was I heard that this centre was commonly known as rejection centre…….. is it true……..


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