by Uday Kumar on February 26, 2009


The next most important aspect is having the right attitude. It is high time we understand how having the right attitude will take us to new heights. The word attitude has become a corporate mantra in terms of company policies and recruitment standard. People have started relating the term with numerous spheres. Attitude determines a person’s individualistic quality. It is the unit of measurement of a person’s individualistic nature and quality. Having said all this, now most of you must be in a doubt as to how to depict, visualize, characterize or showoff your attitude. Let me tell you what and how to show the right attitude…

Attitude can be seen from your style of walking, the confidence with which you speak. A person with a bold and courageous nature will not use the word SIR more than once in a sentence. It is only a coward’s nature to keep on SIRing in a sentence.

Eg, (answering to question)

1.    “Yes sir, I have read about it sir but sir I am not confident of the answer sir but I will find it out sir”.

2.    But a bold person with the right attitude says, “Yes sir, I have read about it but I am not confident of the answer but I will find it out sir”.

Not knowing the answer is not a crime so there is no requirement to feel sorry about it or to express your feeling by saying “shit”, or saying “I knew the answer sir I even read it in so and so magazine but just that I forgot the answer”. There is no requirement to feel sorry or frustrated about it.

So go ahead and tell the interviewing officer that you do not know the answer and that you will find it out. “I will find it out sir” or “I will get back to you sir” are some of the apt replies to questions to which you are not aware of the answer. Speaking in a loud and clear voice without swallowing the words is a clear indication of the right attitude of a person.

Speak with confidence and do not let air come out of your mouth instead of words while speaking. Think once, before you say something. Confidence and attitude go hand in hand.

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Rajib November 15, 2010 at 10:59 am

Thank you for your kind and effective advices.


kapil kumar February 7, 2011 at 12:40 pm

thanks a lot 4 providing a such suggestion 4 success in a good direction with a right attitude.


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