The Individual Obstacles (Physical GTO Tasks) in SSB

by Guest Author on August 13, 2013

There are many doubts from the aspirants’ side about the physical tasks which one has to do in the SSB interview. SSB have a set of individual tasks which check your minimum physical capabilities. These tasks are very basic and do not need any specific physical training. All that one needs to do is start running , push-up and sit ups to  meet the minimum level. There is a set of 10 tasks which have to be completed in 3 minutes. Even if you do 7-8 tasks only, you do not lose your chances of selection. The thing which is evaluated here is your time management, proper planning of tasks as you yourself decide the sequence of tasks you will be doing to maximize your performance. You can refer the following for a rough idea of the tasks:

Individual Obstacles

Burma bridge: Two ropes and you have to cover a horizontal distance walking on one rope and holding the other above your head.

Do not worry, you won’t fall down as it is not so high as well as enough safety measures are ensured by them as if you fall, you won’t hurt yourself. Refer the picture for clarity.

Walking on a pole/log of wood: A log of wood about 6 feet is to be walked upon, the catch is that its surface is uneven and sometimes slippery. The pole is cylindrical in shape and is to check the balance of a candidate on uneven surfaces.

Tarzan swing: you have to go up a platform by a ladder and you will be handed over a rope. All you need to do is to hold the rope, make a swing like tarzan and jump ahead of a particular line (mostly the line is marked by two bricks which will be shown to you beforehand).

tarzan swing

Long jump: a drum with barbed wire will be there put in longitudinal form. You have to make a long jump over it. It is only of 6 feet that is less than 2 meters (for boys) and 3 feet for the female candidates.

Jumping over an inclined plane: There are 2 tasks related with this, one of them is to come running, run over an inclined plane and jump ahead. The second one is the inclined plane has a screen of around 4-5 feet ahead of it. You have to run over the plane and jump above the screen without touching it.

Rope climbing: If you have not started it, it’s the time you do it now. Rope climbing tasks are there. One of them is called tiger jump or tiger leap. You will climb up a platform by ladder and then have to jump, catch the rope and come down by holding down the rope. The other task can be climbing up using the rope up to a height of 10-12 feet.


Double Ditch: In this task, you have to cross two ditches, the first one will have a little longer distance than the second one. You need to come running, hold the rope, cross the first ditch with the rope and then the second one can be crossed by making a normal jump to complete the task.


Jumping platforms: In this task, you need to climb up the higher platform (see the picture underneath) by a ladder. Then you might be asked to shout something, call your chest number or do any sort of short activity , then jump to the shorter platform and then to the ground.

Apart from these, there can be other tasks like monkey crawl, jumping through a tyre etc. Keep this in mind that when the GTO asks you to say something, shout out some name or chest number in a task, do those as it is done to check your presence of mind and attentiveness.

– Hudda Harpreet

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ashish August 13, 2013 at 8:38 pm

thankyou sir ji


surya September 6, 2013 at 9:51 pm

Sir,pleaze tell me all thd medical test and medical qualification needed to clear the ssb interview


Arash Hans October 22, 2013 at 5:06 pm

thank you so much for your guidance. And with your help and guidance I got recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad . Sir I am scoring 440 marks in written exam NDA 1 2013 conducted by UPSC . With these marks what can I expect in the merit list.


sagar October 14, 2015 at 6:05 pm

Sir, please tell me how to prepare for cdse from written exam to clear the ssb interview.
How to make a perfect planing to crack written exam specially for math and English.


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