The Top 10 SSB Coaching & Training Centres in India

by Uday Kumar on April 6, 2015

SSB is an acronym which stands for the ‘Service Selection Board.’ This is an interview process held for candidates wishing to join India‚Äôs defense service. The main objective of this interview is to test the mental and mindset capability of every candidate who is planning to join the military.

This rigorous interview not only evaluates your academic skills but also checks your knowledge on current affairs as well as interpersonal characteristics. The Service Selection Board is not similar to any ordinary test; it is unique in its own way. It has its own standards as well as requirements which must be met hence the need for adequate preparation.

This rigorous interview process meticulously examines qualities like leadership, judgment, logical reasoning capabilities as well as any other trait considered to be crucial for candidates. Those that aspire to join the country’s defense force may seek assistance from good SSB coaching centers across the nation. This article lists and describes the top 10 SSB coaching centres in India where candidates can enroll to prepare for the SSB test.

1) Olive Greens

This is among the oldest and promising SSB coaching centers in the country. Located in Bangalore and Chandigarh these institutions provide excellent SSB coaching to prepare candidates for the SSB interview and examinations. They also provide many other coaching services essential to the country’s defense force. What makes these sister SSB coaching centers stand out is the fact that they are specialized and result oriented, meaning if you attend any one of them, you are sure to pass your SSB exam and interview with flying colors.

2) Baalnoi Academy

This popular SSB coaching center has mastered new concepts owing to the fact that it has spent many years helping defense forces with training. Due to this, the academy has been able to acquire practical experience in SSB coaching which can help new candidates to not only pass their SSB examinations and interview but also acquire great leadership, judgment as well as logical reasoning skills. Baalnoi SSB coaching center has many psychologists and instructors who use the inner self approach to identify personal traits of every candidate and then work on enhancing these traits to make them prominent and noticeable at the selection center.

3) Minerva Academy

This is also among the top 10 SSB coaching centres in India where aspiring SSB candidates can undergo intense coaching about how to excel in the SSB interview and examination before they can join the military. The institute is located in Chandigarh and run by prominent military personnel who have many years of practical experience working as SSB interviewers. These coaches know every aspect of SSB coaching thereby guaranteeing students a better chance of passing the SSB exam and interview.

4) SSB Universal Counseling

Located in Meerut, this well known institute has been offering SSB coaching for over a decade now. It covers all aspects of the SSB training including preparing candidates for SSB examinations as well as interview. Candidates are coached under the guidance of a senior military personnel who is the Group Testing officer. Diligent instructors are also available to guide candidates how to pass the written SSB exams and any other SSB test.

5) Defense Academy

This is another great institute located in Coimbatore which you can attend to prepare for the SSB examinations and interview. It has been offering SSB coaching since 2005 with a long track record of being among the best SSB coaching centers in India. The SSB coaching program takes 10 days and candidates are provided with self study kits as well. Unlike most SSB coaching centers, Defense Academy usually enrolls a very smaller number of candidates to enable instructors to provide personalized attention to every candidate around the clock.

6) Niks Academy

This institute is also among the top 10 SSB coaching centres in India providing incomparable SSB interview and exam coaching. The school is consistent in delivering results and up to date, over 100 candidates have made it through. This successful SSB coaching center is committed in providing overall personality training to its candidates which not only enables them to pass the SSB interview and exams but also to excel in other fields.

7) SSMentors Coaching Center

Located in Gurgaon, this institute aims to enhance the mental and mindset capability of every candidate who is planning to join the military. It uses experiential coaching approach conducted through various adventure and outbound/inbound activities to prepare candidates for SSB exam and interview. Learners are exposed to look alike SSB exam and interview experience, giving them more confidence in their own capabilities to pass with flying colors.

8) General Ranjit Academy

While it is still up-and-coming, this SSB coaching center is already present in the list of top 10 SSB coaching centres on India. The institute provides training for SSB and AFSB interview as well as exams, personal attention on developing creativity and stress management as well as many other coaching programs relevant to those who are aspiring to join the military.

9) Col.Khandekars Eagles Academy

Based in Pune, Khandekars Eagles Academy is also one of the best SSB coaching or training centers in India. Coaching is provided by Ex Senior Group Testing officer. The center conducts basic preparation for SSB interviews and CDS/NDA exams to holistically prepare the candidates for the Service Selection Board interview and examination.

10) Cavalier SSB Coaching Center

This name can never be left out whenever people are talking about the top 10 SSB coaching centres in India. Located in Pune, this well known SSB coaching center has recorded a high percentage of admission rate of candidates into the country’s defense schools most coaching centers have never. Instructors provide both indoor and outdoor training for overall preparation of the candidates waiting to take the SSB exams and have the interview.


The country’s defense sector requires the most brave and skilled persons to safeguard the country. There is no doubt the above SSB coaching centers play a vital role in assisting interested individuals to find their way into the defense service. These institutes help candidates by providing them with the initial grooming they need to get selected for the bigger role of safeguarding their motherland.

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Aditya zade April 10, 2015 at 4:09 pm

on which subject we specially focus for preparing NDA


rajuyadav May 5, 2015 at 9:11 am

sir i am facing with teeth flourisis will there be a medical rejections in ssb


rajuyadav May 11, 2015 at 7:18 am

sir i am facing with teeth flourisis will there be a medical rejections in ssb


MITHILESH KUMAR May 14, 2015 at 1:50 pm

hello sir
i am currently perusing B.TECH with mechanical engg. and i am in 2nd year. i have perfect goal about joining indian navy. i want to ask that what preparation i should make from this time to crack the ssb.
i also have lot of question regarding this .
please reply this means for me

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