Word Association Test (WAT) in SSB

by Akash on June 16, 2013

wat in ssbWord Association Test (WAT) is the Second test at Service Selection Boards in Psychologist series, by this test psychologist reads the personality which a candidate possesses. In this test you will be shown a word and you are required to form a meaningful sentence using that word. On seeing a word there might be different ideas in your mind related to that word but you must write the first spontaneous reaction in your answer sheet and the time limit is restricted to 15 Seconds so that candidate is not confused with subsequent thoughts and give his first thought only.

No. of Words – 60 | Time of each Word – 15 Seconds

Your are required to complete 60 words, each word will be shown for 15 Seconds and within this time you have to record your thought in answer sheet also. As stated earlier this time limit has been intentionally shortened so as to ensure that the candidate gives his first reaction which comes to his mind.

To make you understand this test in a much better way let us take a word Knife now a person who sometimes uses knife to cut vegetable, might write that Knife is used to cut vegetable. However a surgeon also uses knife in operation so he will write it in his own way and if you in your life got injured by knife then you might right that knife should be carefully used. So, by all these examples we want to tell you that how greatly a particular world can help Psychologist to judge your personality.

You must practice the tests available online. You should not be a mare spectator if you are seriously planning to get recommended otherwise choice is yours. You must take three A4 sheets and mark numbers form 1-20 on first 21-40 on the second and 41-60 on the last one, you must keep sufficient gap in between the lines (keep 2 lines for every word).

Before starting any test you must Read the following instructions carefully.

Instructions for WAT

  1. This is again a test of imagination (Idea writing test) most commonly known as WAT.
  2. You have to write your answers in page No 7, 8 & 9 of your answer sheet.
  3. Write your answer in English/Hindi in the space provided in your answer sheet.
  4. After every 20 words 15 Seconds time gap will be given to you to turn over the page.
  5. Write quickly the sentence that comes to your mind first. Do not turn over the page until you are told to do so.
  6. You will be given 15 Seconds for Each word. Try to answer all questions in given time.
  7. You must not be in possession of any watch or any other electronic gadget.

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Aasim Mohammed A June 16, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Sir, in SSB tests I am advised to be honest and answer only truth. But I fear the risk of letting out my negative qualities and may affect their impression on me. So what exactly should I do in this. Please help me out of this confusion. Nobody is able to answer this for me…..
Also I have heard that the Officers in Defense are not paid correctly as promised by the Authorities. Is it true? Please guide me through this…


Uday June 24, 2013 at 4:59 pm

Dear Aasim, all of us do have some negative traits. No one is 100% perfect. But the problem is in what and how much are we bad. For eg; a very ill tempered person will be preferred over a cheater. An easy go lucky guy will be preferred over a thief. So dont worry about what if they find out. They will in any case find out. It is only how much you can suppress your negatives and overcome these buy your positives. A wholistic approach is to change your attitude and not just to lie in the answers.

And as far the second question is concerned it is totally false. You get your pay to your pay accounts. No one can even think of touching it.



Mayank pal singh July 24, 2013 at 12:06 pm

I have pegion chest ,so does this create any problem in medical test in navey..


arpit August 6, 2013 at 11:30 pm

sir i have cleared the PSB for indian coast guard for ground duty. Now i have call for SSB. but currently i am in a catch of wthr or not go for LASIK before FSB. they are asking for 6/6,6/6 with correction and 6/6,6/9 without correction with glasses i satisfy 6/6 ,6/6 but without correction my eye sight is 6/12(-1.5 in both eyes). as there is not many days left before FSB. If i am declared unfit then will i be declared fit in review medical board if i go for LASIK within a week time after medical.please guide me.joining date for INA will be in last week of december 13 and in notification they have written that before 15 november 13 i need to be declared fit thru review medical board.


Gautam raja August 31, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Sir please tell exact marks one should get in the written to get selected in the interview and final merit list


ajay November 11, 2013 at 10:00 pm

Sir i gave SSB in 4 AFSB Varanasi Of Airforce…………i m conference out……Sir I was not able to write sentence of 8 words………these words are at diffrent places…..for example on 3 number…..8 number………………in this way i was not able to write becoz thought did not comes in my mind about the word…..so i did not write………….and i was able to do only first 40 SRTs in 30 minutes…………….Interview officer take about 30 minutes………………and In GTO…………..in both GD………..i start give me views just after the 1st person who starts first……………in both GDs 2 boys Agree with me………and they say it by chest no while Gd was on……………..in group planning……….i was not able to write proper solution………………..in Lecruteee………….i speak onlt 2:30 minutes and say thank u sir thank u gentlemen………………..
Please tell me that where i wrong……………..i m feeling is skipping of word (in WAT) or only 40 SRt attempt.is leading for not recomendation………………
u please tell me where i am wrong……………after that i will discuss Outdoor task….that how i prform there.


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